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Fuel Management

Fuel Systems Engineering and Design
Quality Control

In-House and Field Service Support

Fuel consumption in a gas turbine plant can range up to 75% of an operating plant's budget. The cost and quality of fuel gas is constantly changing and must be monitored, managed, and accounted for. Variations in fuel quality and composition have serious impacts on combustor emissions, dynamics, and operation.    

GTE provides high-performance flow metering, conditioning
and analysis systems that exceed applicable codes and
industry standards. GTE provides fully integrated skid-based
systems that include appropriate components to measure
fuel mass flow, quality constituencies, composition and
BTU or caloric content.

GTE also designs and builds complete gas conditioning systems that prepare the
fuel for a cleaner burn in the combustion turbine which extends the life of turbine hardware and reduces emissions.

Gas Flow MeterGTE designs and fabricates systems and combustion hardware for fuel conversions and allows the operator
to run on dual, blended, or alternative fuels. This offers financial flexibility in a volatile fuel market as well as
potential emissions reductions.

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Fuel Systems Engineering and Design

Fuel Gas ConditioningGas Turbine Efficiency helps set the industry standards through integration with Flow Measurement Committees (such as the AGA and ASME). We work closely with your engineers to ensure that we meet your demanding standards as well. Our staffs of engineers, including PE’s, have backgrounds in fluid systems, instrumentation, controls, mechanical and electrical engineering.

Duel FuelOur design support staff employs state-of-the-art AutoCAD and SolidWorks modeling software to generate detailed design drawings as required. Our document control staff is prepared to comply with your most demanding requirements for Installation and Operating manuals.

Liquid Fuel 1GTE supplies flow metering systems designed to meet your most stringent accuracy standards such as AGA Report No. 3 (April 2000), AGA Report No. 9 (June 2000), ASME-MFC-3M-1989 & 2007, ASME-4M-1986, IZSO-5167-1991, API (Chapters 5 &6), and ASME PTC-6-1996 and PTC 19.5 (2004). For over 40 years, we have been a leading provider of cost-effective fluid control and measurement technology to the power generation, aerospace, refining, petro-chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We specialize in the custom design, fabrication and field service of
high-performance liquid, steam and gas measurement systems.

Fuel Systems Engineering and DesignTypical Systems include:
• Fuel Conditioning
• Fuel Metering
• Custody Transfer
• Performance Monitoring
• Fuel Flexibility

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Orifice Plate Gas Flow MeterFlow Meter FabricaMachining, welding, honing,
hydrostatic and NDE testing, inspection and assembly of each flow metering system is performed in our 57,000 square feet headquarters in Orlando,
FL. The process integration allows
us to maintain the attention to detail throughout the material control, document control and quality control steps of the manufacturing cycle. Our capabilities include 1”-30” welding certification on carbon steel, stainless steel and exotic alloy Flow Meter Fabrication (2)pipe and
flanges to ASME and AWS standards.


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Quality Control

Our ISO 9001-2000 certified facility ensures from receipt of raw materials to
final inspection and calibration, our Quality Control Team is here to verify compliance
with your standards. Our dimensional and surface finish verifications are fully NIST traceable and documented. We can provide the Certificates of Conformance, Material Test Reports and Manufacturing Verification Data Sheets you need to meet the rigorous documentation requirements of performance testing, emissions monitoring and environmental compliance.

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CalibrationWe collaborate regularly with the dominant hydraulic and
compressible gas calibration labs throughout the USA. This
provides you with preferred scheduling of your calibration
verifications. These combined resources enable us to provide complete, independent and accurate characterization of your
Ultrasonic meters, flow-nozzles, orifice meters, turbine meters, pitot tube, vortex, coriolis and magnetic flowmeters over a wide range of applications and Reynolds numbers.

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In-House and Field Service Support

In-house and Field Service Support

Our commitment doesn’t stop once your equipment is shipped. GTE provides a complete range of services including field installation assistance, commissioning, calibration, In-house and Field Service Supporttuning, operations training, technical support, troubleshooting and repair. Our service engineers and technicians are on call 24/7 for field support of both planned maintenance outages and unexpected emergencies. We can also fulfill your outsourcing needs for quarterly and annual calibration services. This minimizes your full time staffing levels while ensuring the ongoing compliance with environmental regulations and plant performance requirements.


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