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GTE has set the industry standards through the integration with flow measurement committees, such as AGA and ASME.


Our engineers, including several PE’s, have 30 years experience in fluid systems, instrumentation, controls, mechanical and electrical engineering. Our design support staff employs state-of-the-art AutoCAD and SolidWorks modeling software to generate detailed design drawings as required.


GTE supplies flow metering systems designed to meet your most stringent accuracy standards. We have been a leading provider of cost-effective fluid control and measurement technology to the power generation, aerospace, refining, petro-chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We specialize in the custom design, fabrication and field service of high-performance liquid, steam and gas measurement systems.


Typical Systems include:

  • Custody Transfer
  • Fuel Conditioning
  • Fuel Flexibility
  • Fuel Metering
  • Performance Monitoring


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